A Birthright is a Character Aspect chosen upon character creation. Choosing your family is an important decision, because it will be a key factor in deciding your stat allocation, while also giving you access to specific traits and resources, unavailable to other players, such as estates, money, personal items, etc.

In Halcyon County, there are six main families who hold the most power and fame among its the locals, most famously, House Marquis, or the Precipists. The Marquis do not actually have a true political claim to any office of power, and yet you will find each of them, sitting where they seem to belong, right at the tip, acting like they own the place.

Marcus Avvery; the Dean of Math and Science, leads the Avvery Family, as its Marquis.

Emery Elddridge, Halcyon County’s Head Librarian, and keeper of records. Leads the Elddridge Family as its Marquis.

Harlem Greene; serves as the Head Curator and Owner of the Amestrian Museum of Art and Literature, leads the Green Family as its Marquis.

Johnathan Kiesse; Camp Manager and Owner of the Silent Springs National Park, leads the Kiesse Family as its Marquis

Caleb Sherriidan; Ceo of multiple corporations, and event manager and most frivolous donator to the “Amestris’ Best Interest” charity group, leads the Sherridan family as its Marquis.

Lauren Lloche, Head of the Amestrian Farmer’s Union, leads the Lloche family as its Marquis.

If a member of your party is also a member of your Family, you both receive an additional +1 to your family’s patron stat when near each other.

Each party member that is also a member of your Family, will have constant access to the same resources as you.

Example: You and another party member are both a member of the Sherridan Family, the wealthiest of the Six Families, and as such you are both entitled to a trust fund upon character creation. You receive 300 Gold as a starting balance, and as such, so does your fellow party and Family member, giving you a total of 600 gold. Your fellow party member decides they want an item that costs 325 Gold. Normally, they could not afford it, however because you are in the same family, she has access to the total 600, and can spend it as if it was hers, unless you contest it. This would cause a Dispute. Disputes are solved between Family members by a 2 out of 3 match of coin flips. The same would apply to you, if you had the desire to screw over your cousin. you could do that.

Example 2: Upon character creation you receive a specific Estate as part of your Birthright, which you have full control of, and may upgrade however you wish. You will however, have to share this Estate with any and all members of your Party that are also a member of your Family. This can often be a good thing, as while they have access to your roller derby money, they also have the option to upgrade the Estate in the same manner as you. This will effectively split the cost of upgrading your Estate in half if you play it smart.

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